Sonsierra Collection / Finca La Pared


Graciano picked in early October 2019. Highly-concentrated grapes. This is the key that sets Finca la Pared apart.

The grapes are picked at night, when temperatures are cold, and macerated for 4-5 days in small stainless steel tanks. During this time, slow fermentation by selected yeasts begins, all the character of this variety is gently delivered. By combining délestages and pumpovers at certain times, we favour the extraction and maceration process. Maceration is extended for 10 more days after fermentation. We gently press the grapes and the wine carries out its malolactic fermentation in even smaller stainless steel tanks. When the wine has naturally lost its thickest suspended solids, we transfer it to hand-crafted, fine-grain French oak barrels. The wine is aged for 12 months in the same barrels without racking. It is bottled after light filtration without fining.

Tasting note
It is a powerful graciano, perfectly integrated with the wood. Remarkable notes of fresh spices and dark fruit.
Reserved, serene, deep black. Restrained feel.